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Monday, May 12, 2008

I just hate that...

I just hate it when the power goes out. Lots of high winds and a deluge of rain here last night. About midnight, we lost power. No power, no = Internet, so I decided to go to bed early. Not an easy thing to do with the winds gusting at 50 miles an hour. When I awakened to no power it was a real bummer. You don't realize how dependent you are are certain things until they are gone. I definitely need electricity to do most of what I do. I did spend the morning picking up and folding laundry, and all the things I could do without power. Don is home so at least I have company too. We have a generator and he did crank it up and run it for a while so the foods in the freezer didn't melt and we could make some coffee. The power came back around 1PM and hopefully it will stay on. The rain isn't over yet and there is still the minor leaking in the basement, but that is for another entry.

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