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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Another day, another dollar. Well, not really since I am not working. At least not at anything that pays money anyway. If I had a nickel for every file I've transferred from my laptop to my EHD (extended hard drive) this weekend we would be eating out tonight instead of having ham and cabbage from the slow cooker! I wonder, would the world rock if I didn't organize and tag these files? Probably not, but I couldn't find much either. My laptop is very much like an overloaded closet. There is so much jammed in there, I wind up using only the stuff near the door. So in the interest of sanity, I am purging the HD and reorganizing again. Right near the front of the closet was this new kit from Cori Gammon at ScrapArtist and so some of her goodies now grace this latest scrapbook page.
Central Park NYC
My sister, me, my daughter, and my nephew and niece in the back row. A trip to New York City in the early Spring of 1981.

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