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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden update....

The garden continues to thrive and I am still enjoying the work despite the extreme heat and humidity we've been having lately. I usually go out early before my coffee and breakfast and try to get most of the work done before it gets too uncomfortable out there. Knowing that I've grown most of the plants from seed gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

After all the work of starting my first year garden I am finally getting to the best part of vegetable gardening. The harvest! Cucumbers and tomatoes right from the garden.

I made my first batch of pickles. Bread and Butter pickles with thin sliced onions. I enjoy canning but it is even more enjoyable using fresh produce from your own garden.

The garden has been consuming me but I promise to post another card tomorrow. Stay tuned and thanks for looking!

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robin said...

I just love your garden!!! :) My tomatoes are starting to look a little shabby, but the tomatoes that I've picked are soooo good!