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Friday, June 20, 2008

Life at the pond...

I am out of town at my sister's place in Delaware. The weather is beautiful! We haven't gotten to the beach or pool yet but we shopped at the outlets, and saw a movie Thurs. Friday we went to look at some houses with Carol's realtor. Carol and her husband Richard are looking for a retirement home here. Delaware is very retiree friendly when it comes to taxes and such. We finished up the evening with a Classical piano concert outdoors on the Lewes Library park like grounds. Such a breezy warm evening. Loved it!
Today we looked at more houses and Carol found one she loves! I didn't take photos there, might have to go back and I will. We spent the early afternoon at the Lewes Garden Tour. In addition to seeing a lot of pretty flowers, we enjoyed the entertainment which was fabulous! Three singers doing old Sinatra style songs. There were also food vendors and craftsmen selling there wares in the park. I took a few pictures, enjoyed the warm sun and had a few laughs with my sister. I think we are going to the beach at sunset tonight to try for some photos at the Delaware Bay.

Cone flowers

Toadstool fountain
One of the things I love about Lewes, Delaware is all the gorgeous Hydrangeas

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Tania said...

Hope you have a good time Cathy!!