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Monday, June 16, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe....

to go into the craft room again. I did the dumbest (is that a word?) thing Saturday! I was working in the craft room and bent over to get some thing out of one of the drawers of the Iris carts and poked myself in the eye with the edge of some cardboard. Ouch, that hurt! I think I bruised my eyeball. Pain, watery eye, blurred vision, not a lot of fun. Worst of all, I couldn't see well enough to read. I kept rinsing it with saline and I put some moisturizing gel in my eye and thank goodness, it is feeling better today. The vision is still blurred but the pain is gone. Hopefully it will heal up quickly.
Here is a picture of my new favorite card. I finally got my "Nestibilites" in the mail and now I can cut a rectangle, circle or scallop anywhere on the front of the card!
Nestibities are here if you are wondering what they are. Here is my card.

Stamps are from Stampin Up. Thanks for looking!


Robin said...

Cathy, I hope your eye is healing! Your card is just beautiful!

Mandy said...

How pretty! I love the butterfly and those polka dots! And that Prima goes so nicely with the colors you chose!