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Monday, April 21, 2008

I never knew....

that anyone could waste so much time messing around with a silly little blog. Especially an insignificant one like mine. I got the slideshow back in place and figured out how to link some book review sites. I probably need to relearn html. I knew a bit a few years ago, then didn't use it, so most of it is gone from my memory. Maybe I will just learn to be satisfied with this simple blog and not waste too much energy on tweaking it. I have a lot of other projects I want to work on anyway. I started a little sewing project today. I am making cocktail napkins. I've been looking for some but don't like the prices I've seen so I decided to use some of my quilt stash to make some. Pretty simple project and I really do need to use some of that fabric! Speaking of quilts, my sister Carol finished another one and it is really beautiful.

This is Jason, her grandson and Carol with her quilt

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