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Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick post tonight or should I say morning?

I've stayed up way too late tonight. We had our small group over and my friend Sandy stayed after and we talked until almost midnight. Of course I could have gone right to bed soon after but I had to check emails and whatnot. I have another layout to share with you and then I'll get myself off to bed. My younger sister is coming tomorrow to spend a couple of days and we are going to make some cards or do some crafts. I also have a new Stampin Up package sitting on my dining room table so after I get a few errands done in the morning it will be play time! It is also my sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Chris! Okay, so here is the layout. I hope you can see the journaling because I am too tired to type it out tonight. I will tell you I use Tracy Blankenship's Templates With Attitude Trios 1 and Kim Hill's Royally Grunged papers.

Big City Small Town

Okay, so I can't see the journaling so you probably can't either. I hate it
when I can't read the writing on a layout in a gallery so this is what it says:

There is nothing like the hustle bustle of a big city.
It has a vibrancy that makes you feel alive. The noises, the
smells, and the traffic all add to that energy. What makes
this city so different from other cities is the people.
The smiles, the hellos, and the easy way they ask about who
you are and where you’re from. This big city just has a
small town feel. Pittsburgh, PA

Off to bed, good night all.


The Mama Monkey said...

This is a really cool layout! I love how well you matched the colors to the picture!!

fishlips said...

I'm a big city girl... always have been and I don't like it any-other way... Your page is perfect with just the city picture... I love my sleep too, hope you get a change to catch up on that too!!!!

Heather said...

Great layout! Great picture too! You did a wonderful job!

thescrapmaster said...

Very beautiful. Great title and I love the colors.


scrappinmominky said...

Nice page. The colors are great and the open area really makes the picture the focal point.

Tessa said...

Very cool layout! I just spent the last two days in Kansas City right in the middle of it all and I have to admit I do miss the city just a little! Perhaps I should just visit it more!

Louise Forsyth said...

Awesome layout. Makes me want to visit.

Traci said...

What a pretty page! I love your journal saying

jennifer said...

LOVE the layout! It looks fabulous! It all comes together so perfectly!

Rachel Brumley said...

Beautiful layout! I love the paper and all the details.

Makes me homesick for sunny crowded Southern California.

gale said...

Beautiful layout! I've lived in the city and I prefer small towns. lol.

Jen said...

Very nice layout! I love all of your scrapbook pages:)

Naomi said...

Great page. Someone else commented on the page matching the colors in the pic, and that's all I can notice, too. It looks amazing. The journaling looks great, too! I am a small town country southern girl through and through but love pics of the city. Your pages are always great!